Potential of e-portfolios in higher education


Introduction – Theoretical approaches and foundation – Developing a taxonomy for electronic portfolios / Peter Baumgartner – Implications of lifelong learning on higher education: a European policy perspective on promoting lifelong learning and implications for higher education with special emphasis on the role of ICT / Friedrich Scheuermann, Ernesto Villalba – Didactical approaches – Ethical issues related to the use of e-portfolios / Christina B. Class – E–portfolio as a means to reflect on and assess learning: didactical challenges for higher education / Wolf Hilzensauer, Sandra Schaffert – Integration of e-portfolios in higher education from the pedagogical and didactical point of view / Kerstin Mayrberger – Using e-portfolios as an assessment instrument within the study-program “problem-solving competencies” / Thomas Sporer, Silvia Sippel, Philip Meyer – Implementation – Implementation strategies for e-portfolios in Austrian higher education / Klaus Himpsl – A competence oriented e-teaching portfolio concept for academic staff development / Marianne Merkt – E-portfolio implementation strategy in higher education: juggling with many balls / Marij Veugelers – Construction of one’s identity: a student’s view on the potential of e-portfolios / Reinhard Bauer – Meeting the challenges: further perspectives – E-portfolio interoperability revisited: position paper / Serge Ravet.